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Deep and Meaningful Conversations

Deep and Meaningful Conversations (DMCs) are regular online meet-ups where I facilitate a safe and open-minded space for attendees to share their thoughts, feelings, ideas and experiences on a set theme.

DMCs are an opportunity for attendees to respectfully talk about topics that I believe invisibly shape the way we live our lives, facilitated by a trusted coaching professional.

I am very interested in 4 topics and would love to have you join the conversation.

1) The man.I.cure project

explores structural patriarchy and gender

2) The colourED blind project

explores structural racism

3) The Dying to Live project

explore death and dying

4) The Hide and Seek Project (Shadow project)

explores the light and darkness within you


Check out the video below for an introduction to the man.I.cure project











Sudhir Daya | The Life Architect | Life Coach | Training and keynote speaker

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