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  • Unsure if you are doing the "right" or "best" thing with your client?

  • Frustrated with a coaching client's progress?

  • Cruising comfortably along but want to up your game?

  • Feeling alone and want to connect?

  • Seeking ICF accreditation and need a mentor coach?

  • Want to celebrate successes in your coaching work?

You can feel confident that you're providing high-quality and effective coaching with supervision. This will allow you to attract more clients, increase your revenue and live a life that is aligned to your values.


Supervision is...

  • A collaborative conversation with an experienced coach around your practice.

  • A chance to confront areas of difficulty within your coaching work.

  • A focus on building upon your strengths whilst noticing areas for development


Supervision is not...

  • Being told what to do or how

  • A measurement against a set standard

  • Business coaching (i.e. how to attract clients)

About me

Mr Sudhir Daya



Sudhir is an accredited coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is an accredited coach supervisor.

Sudhir understands what it feels like to be unsure and frustrated about one’s coaching work and he has benefitted first hand from supervision. This is what led him to train as a supervisor for coaches and why he is now offering this service to fellow coaches.


Sudhir came to transformational coaching following a journey of self-development. This journey started with a medical illness and personal struggles, which led him to explore the mind-body interconnection in "dis-ease". He explored a wide array of conventional and complementary therapies, including yoga, meditation, spirituality, and self-help, to name a few. Today, Sudhir strives to live a meaningful, authentic, congruent, and balanced life that is filled with happiness and FUN!












How do I work?


I offer supervision to coaches of any level or specialty who want to enhance their professional coaching work.

I provide supervision for coaches in the following ways:

  • Online – this can be done on either an individual or group basis.

  • In-person – this can be done on either an individual or group basis.

What approaches do I take?


I create a reflective space for us to work together to develop your professional practice. I base the supervision sessions around you and your clients with the guiding principle of "how is this going to benefit your client?"


I incorporate various tools, methods and models e.g. Hawkins' 7 eyes/lenses, Clutterbuck's 7conversations and Brief Solution work to name a few.


As a supervisor, I can be a mixture of supportive, advisory, and challenging to help you grow and develop as a coach.


3 words to describe my supervision style?


Approachable, insightful, and pragmatic.


Why choose me for supervision?

  • Trained - I have the knowledge and skills to help you

  • Trustworthy - I provide a safe, condential and comfortable space

  • Registered - I follow the ICF ethical guidelines

  • Listed on the ICF Mentor register - Click here

  • Insured

  • Professional

What have others said

"Thanks so much for this morning, in the space of an hour you blew my mind away three times!"


"Open, to the point, honest"


"I got a deeper understanding of techniques I already knew and new ways on how to apply them more effectively"


"Sudhir is relaxed and delivers with a sense of humour and is very relatable. There is a good mixture of what I did well and what I need to work on"


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