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Trusted Coaching Professional

Since 2014, I’ve empowered my clients to design and construct the lives they want to live - authentic, meaningful, purposeful and fun! 

I am completing a Masters in Behaviour Change in an attempt to answer 2 questions that deeply intrigue me:

1) Why do we still do things that we know are unhelpful to us?

2) Why don't we do the things that we know are helpful to us?

I provide a confidential and bespoke space for us to work together to explore the questions that you are asking yourself.

Sudhir Daya | The Life Architect | Life Coach | Training and keynote speaker

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Individual Life Coaching Session

Be a better you

Deep and Meaningful Conversations

Let's talk openly and honestly

Pain to Purpose Program

Coming back from a difficult time

Training & keynote speaker

Get inspired and learn!

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Welbeck Health, 11 Welbeck Street, London, United Kingdom, W1G 9XZ

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