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The man.I.cure Project: structural patriarchy and age

Whilst in Spain, these traffic lights really brought a smile to my face, as I see the cracks appearing in the archaic societal bedrock of structural patriarchy!

The next Deep and Meaningful Conversation / man.I.cure project discussion takes place on 22nd September 2021 and will explore structural patriarchy and age.

Deep and Meaningful Conversations (DMCs) are regular online meet-ups where I facilitate a safe and open-minded space for attendees to share their thoughts, feelings, ideas, and experiences on a set theme.

Deep and Meaningful Conversations are an opportunity for attendees to respectfully talk freely and openly about this topic that I believe invisibly shapes the way we live our lives. It is facilitated by myself, a trusted, qualified, and accredited coaching professional.

Join me for the next man.I.cure project session by clicking here

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